List of products by brand neo-format

Fascination for good design

From a fascination for good design, combined with the possibility of modern sheet metal production and a love of detail, modern furniture for indoor and outdoor use was created in 2020.

Frank Person, Katharina Wegner and Dieter Wegner - as a well-rehearsed team, they are responsible for the creative ideas of neo-format and come from different professions. Each and every one of you has been working in the field of sophisticated furniture made of high-quality materials for many years and has also learned the relevant trade from scratch.

Neo-format claims that successful design lies in the clear, timeless shape and high functionality of its furniture.

United in the motivation to develop and produce high-quality and durable furniture made in Germany, the team ensures that neo-format, as a pioneer of sustainable furniture, will remain a pioneer for more beautiful living in the future. The furniture is manufactured using the latest industrial technology such as laser beam cutting in combination with traditional craftsmanship such as turning.

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