Design From Loyalty Points

How do I earn loyalty points?

  • Saving points at Design From is easy! Everything is automatically calculated for you.
  • For each product purchased at Design From you save loyalty points. You get 1 point for every € 0,10 of the price of a product. Every point earned is worth € 0,005 - for example, a product of € 40,00 you get 400 Points worth € 2. This is equal to 5% discount on every product.
  • On any product detail page, you will see how many points the product is worth and how much you would get to your voucher with this number of points.


How do I change my loyalty points into voucher?

  • You decide for yourself when you exchange your points for a voucher.
  • On your points page you can see the totally loyalty points and exchange them in a voucher.
  • On your points page you can see your valid coupons after the exchange.

How do I use a voucher?

  • Copy the voucher code you want to use from your points page.
  • Go to your cart, then paste the voucher code into the voucher code field and click "OK".


  • Loyalty Points are calculated excluding the shipping costs.
  • Loyalty Points are only awarded to online orders.
  • Points are not exchangeable for cash.
  • Loyalty Points are personal and can not be passed to third parties.
  • Points are only available to registered customers online.
  • Loyalty Points are only awarded for the balance of the value of purchases not paid with vouchers.
  • Loyalty Points will not be awarded to products that have already a discount.