List of products by brand Mr. Grasshopper

Mr. Grasshopper© is a hocker. A durable hocker!

He’s soft to sit on…strong in use…resistant to wear and tear…but he doesn’t need watering and mowing. Artificial Grass without chemicals. And this is only the exterior we’re talking about. The inside is made of 100% recycled material and is completely recycable.

Mr. Grasshopper© can be used everywhere, both inside and out. In the garden he makes the grass look greener.

If you place him opposite Charles Eames chairs you wonder which is the true style icon!

And might we suggest that reposing on soft grass is much more comfortable than sitting on a wooden bench?

At events you just need to place some Mr. Grasshopper©`s in strategic positions to style a space.

Mr.Grasshoppper© is lightweight and therefore easily movable, yet very stable.
He has solid legs, made of hardwood. So he can stand a good deal.

And when he’s dirty, you can just put him in the shower.

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